Answered on: October 10, 2019


Hi....can i pay with my debit card...has i dont have credit card


Some suppliers accept Debit Cards. The card must have a Mastercard or VISA logo and your name embossed on the front. It cannot be a pre-paid card. To view if a supplier accepts Debit Cards next to each car photo is a link entitled IMPORTANT INFORMATION, click this link to view conditions. Then click on PAYMENT . Try a few different suppliers as they do vary:


DOLLAR does for example:- this location accepts Debit Card. Conditions of debit card use: Card must be in main driver's name. MasterCard or VISA only. Debit cards must be issued by a bank, and numbers must be embossed. Please note, the deposit amount will be charged if using a debit card and associated transactions fees may apply. Debit cards cannot be used for full-size, premium or luxury vehicles. Maximum rental duration 28 days if using debit card. Prepaid and electronic cards (Visa Electron) are not accepted.